Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Real Empty-Nesters

We are sitting at a coffee shop in Cannon Beach enjoying a delicious treat. What a wonderful anniversary getaway....reading, relaxing and enjoying each other's company. The weather has been overcast and a bit damp but this afternoon it cleared up and we sat on the beach enjoying the ocean view, good conversation and good books. Walked into the quaint town and spent some time in the shops.
We are officially empty-nesters. Matt moved to Seattle today and will start a new job and career with FedEx this week. While it was sad to see him go, we rejoice in his new adventure. Actually, as a parent we have been releasing him in small steps as he has matured/grown into a wonderful young man. But the mom-part of me is a bit melancholy.
The following reveals how my heart feels about my 3 boys and this new season of life:

Our Hands

May we tell you the intensity,
the excruciating joy of
participating in your life and watching you grow?

You are our favorite song.

On our life'’s list of accomplishments –
You are the finest.

Accompanying you to this place
has been our sweetest journey.

You have been the vast question
For which all our endeavors have been the answer.

As you travel to a place which
shall be your home our hands
meet in applause and clasp in prayer.
Our hands wave you on and remain
open -– an invitation to return
freely to this place where you
Learned to fly.

Mary Anne Radmacher

My boys will always be in my heart and prayers!