Thursday, August 31, 2006

Finally ....

Due to networking issues, we were without internet service for 7 days! You just don’t realize how often you use it until it’s not available! I am so used to communicating through email, reading blogs, updating my blog, searching for recipes, uploading pictures, searching for addresses and using maps, getting ideas for scrapbooking, checking my public library account, visiting e-Bay or Craig’s List ….. I even do my Bible study with online tools! I just never realized how internet-dependent I’ve become!
Well, I am rejoicing tonight to finally have this convenience back. I’ll have to spend some time soon posting and emailing those I’ve lost touch with over the past week.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Stash Tea Store

Well, it's back to work this week so I'm trying to do as many things on my "summer to-do list" as I can before Wednesday. One stop I've been wanting to make for months ... to visit the Stash Tea Store. I needed to pick up a gift so I stopped by while running errands. I was so impressed with the friendly service and variety of items to choose from in the store. They provide tasting samples, free tea bags and a build-a-basket area to put the finishing touches on gifts. They also provide group parties for 5 or more ... to build a basket, a "Tea 101" tea tasting class or an after hours build-a-basket party. I think this would be a fun idea before the holidays ... a "field trip" with friends for unique Christmas gifts for tea-loving friends and family! Never too early to start thinking about that ... there are only 125 shopping days until Christmas : )

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Rejoicing ...

Today was my annual Dr. appointment and it made me mindful of how much healthier I am now than three years ago after my surgery. My blood pressure is low, I've lost 4 pounds since my last visit, and given that my cholesterol was 109 last year my Dr. didn't even run the lab tests. I am so thankful for improved health and for those who have journeyed with me through this with support and prayers. I feel very blessed and thankful ......
"I will tell of all the wonderful things you have done. I will sing with joy because of you...." Psalm 9

Up in the Attic

Ahhhhh ... the subject of the attic again ... I haven't been up there in over a decade. That has been Walt's domain : ) I was on a mission to find an old headboard from my childhood but I guess we didn't save EVERYTHING as I have always assumed. BUT I did find several things I've been yearning to find. I have always teased that the attic is filled to the brim but actually I was a little surprised to see that that was not the case.
Despite sweltering temperatures I ventured up there "yellowizing" (organizing) everything. We took a truckload to the landfill, donations to Goodwill and filled our recycling bin to overflowing. We still have some boxes in the garage to move up there but that will have to wait until the cooler Fall temperatures.
Our attic has always been a bit of a joke ... but really, I feel much better about it. It feels good to de-clutter : ) I am so thankful for my summer break and tackling big projects.

I Can't Believe It .....

I can't believe it ... we've booked a 4-day cruise for spring -- our first! We are so excited. I went bargain shopping today and found a great deal on a swimsuit and picked up our passport applications. Next ... I may have to do some research on seasick patches and bracelets!
If you have any great suggestions to pass on from cruises you've been on, we would appreciate your insights and suggestions.

Fun Day with the Girls

What fun it was to spend a day with Michelle & Rachael starting with a pedicure , shopping at the beauty supply and getting caught up at Starbuck's. I think we need to do this more often : )
After the Wallowa hikes and all the yardwork/projects I really needed the pedicure!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Uwajimaya Beaverton

I finally got over to the Beaverton area to shop at the Uwajimaya market today. I've been wanting to stop by there for about a year and a half but I just never seem to get over in that part of town. Now that Kohl's is nearby I have more of an incentive to make the trip.
I've been wanting to try recipes from the Weight Watchers "Take Out Tonight!" cookbook but needed to stock up on ingredients before trying new dishes. The Babers invited us over for dinner last summer and we got to try the Hot and Sour Soup (from the cookbook) and Spring Rolls. It was wonderful!
Seems like this summer I have been spending a lot of time in the kitchen cooking and trying new recipes. It has been enjoyable and the freezer is getting stocked.
Life is good ... on the way home I stopped at Trader Joe's and bought 8 boxes of Caribbean Fruit Floes. Last time I shopped there they were out. I was down to my last box. This should get me through the rest of the summer. Aaaahhhhhhh.....

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Wallowa Weather Station

Back in the 80's Janet made this weather station for Walt ... yes, he really has been interested in weather that long. Each year we hang it up in camp to keep track of the campsite temperatures. She also made several cards to change to reflect the day's weather forecast. This year we only used the sunshine card ... many years we have had to display the one for rain or lightning. Thanks, Janet for sharing your creativity! Throughout our Wallowa years so many campers have enjoyed and relied on this fun weather station.
This year Mary brought a clock and hung it on a tree in their site ... hhhmmmm ... next year we may have to add one to our "hi-tech" camping gear : )

Goodbye Wallowa

Seems like our group of 34 campers arrived and left at different times of the week this year making it difficult to take our traditional group picture. This is the group we left with ... the end of a very fun week!
Until July 2007 ....

P.S. After taking this picture I realized that I was wearing this shirt in last year's group photo. So I have officially named this my "going home shirt."
: )

Play Doh

The week before Wallowa Colin spent a couple of days with me and we had a great time creating things from Play Doh. I found "antique" Play Doh toys in the craft cupboard that had once belonged to Colin's Dad and Uncles. Since he enjoyed it so much, I packed it with our camping gear at the last minute. We had fun at Wallowa creating Star Wars figures to fly a space craft, several varieties of dinosaurs, and a few free-hand creations. It was fun to have some "grandma time" with him : )

Tea Time With Uncle Tim

"Time for Tea Uncle Tim!"
We bought a tea set for Ammy to play with at Wallowa but I think Colin enjoyed it as much as she did ... sorry Brian! The kids loved serving us their "dirt" tea as we relaxed around the campsite.


One camping essential right up there with the tent, sleeping bags, and food is our floaties for the lake ... can't leave home without them! This sleek floatation device comes with a backrest and cupholder, giving us the opportunity to lounge out on the lake -- taking in the awesome scenery and enjoy great fellowship with our other floatie friends. Over the years we have perfected our mode of travel on the lake ... using our flip-flops as paddles!
But I must say ... our floaties looked mighty small compared to Steve & Mindy's "Oasis Island" which held their entire family : )
With the extreme temperatures it was a refreshing treat to escape our hot tent sites and leisurely float the day away.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Sad Day ...

Flipping the calendar to August makes me sad ... only 22 days left of my break.
Another sad part of my day ... my last hair appointment with Lisa -- she will be moving to Arizona at the end of the month. She has been cutting my hair for about 8-9 years. It wasn't just about the haircut ... she was more like a friend. It has been fun to share our journeys every 7 weeks and it will truly be hard to replace her. I guess I don't deal well with change : ) ....
On a more positive note -- as I previously blogged about wanting a varigated Hebe plant -- Al's Garden Center called and had one on hold for me. I picked it up this afternoon and now my landscaping project seems complete!