Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Photo-a-Day 05.27.08

When I returned home from Bible study Walt was busy working on fence details.
The band saw was too loud for him to hear me
take the picture. Didn't want to scare him with that moving blade!!

Only 4 more days to take photos in May.
It has been fun and I've learned more about my camera and photo techniques along the way.

Photo-a-Day 05.26.08

Ahhhh ... the perfect topping to our holiday weekend
Spending time with the grandkids ...
and Brian
Michelle was home sick : (

Photo-a-Day 05.25.08

Even though our plans were altered by the rain and cooler temps for the holiday weekend, our landscape is benefiting.
I've never seen the plants so large and healthy.

Photo-a-Day 05.24.08

We took Matte to the airport and then spent the morning shopping in that area. The weather cleared unexpectedly so we headed home to get a few things done before the predicted rain.
Our plans were to stain the fence, decks and porch during the Memorial Day Weekend but the rain changed all that.
The fence is nearly completed -- only the gates and copper caps are left. What a tremendous difference it made to the exterior of our home. This was the last big project in our 3-year improvement plan : )

Photo-a-Day 05.23.08

Our car is back from the body shop and I've never seen it so shiny! They also detailed the interior ... looks like new.
I used the edge blur effect in iPhoto to bring focus to the repair area.

Photo-a-Day 05.22.08

Jet-Puffed ChocoMallows found at Target.
I thought they would make yummy krispy treats.

Something else to consider ... s'mores. Can't wait for camping!

Photo-a-Day 05.21.08

Our rental car while ours was in the body shop.
I used the blur effect in iPhoto.

Photo-a-Day 05.20.08

The Oregon Primary results.

Photo-a-Day 05.19.08

Here's my corner of the craft-world. I have actually been scrapbooking the old-fashioned way ... by hand. It has been fun to use my supplies -- and boy, do I have supplies!!
I am working on March 2005 and plan to spend this summer getting closer to 2008. Digi will help speed things up a bit but I still enjoy the hands-on approach.
I used an antiqued effect in iPhoto on this picture ... and I must have cleaned up my workspace for "company" (my photo) I don't think it looks like this too often : )

Photo-a-Day 05.18.08

This is a photo of the damage to the Taurus caused by a "flying" fence panel. A gust of wind knocked over the fence panels in the driveway Saturday leaving a dent in the fender and door plus decapitating the side mirror on our car.
This fence is becoming expensive : )

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Photo-a-Day 05.17.08

Calleigh is so excited about her first birthday cake. The theme for her party was "ball" -- everything round. She loves to say "ball" and play with them. Michelle did such a nice job decorating and found creative ways to incorporate anything and everything ROUND into the fun. It was awesome to celebrate a special day with family and friends.
This overlay, Feuillage 1 is from Monique Gascon on It added a special flair to pick up the color in Calleigh's party dress.

Happy Birthday to you .....

Photo-a-Day 05.16.08

I merged two photos to show the time and temperature Friday night -- and how we found relief!
No overlay necessary : )

Photo-a-Day 05.15.08

How fun was that?!?!?! Michelle stopped by with the grandkids after Calleigh's immunization shots. What an awesome mid-week treat on such a hot day!

They arrived just in time -- I really needed some great subjects for my photo of the day :)
The overlay, Brook was a download from Kirsty Wiseman.

Photo-a-Day 05.14.08

Caught Walt working away on the fence before the big weekend Heat Wave.

This inked-edge overlay was a freebie I downloaded from ScrapArtist / Nancie Rowe Janitz. I like how subtle it is.

Photo-a-Day 05.13.08

I thought it would be fun to try a few new things in Photoshop Elements for this week's --
Photo-a-Day in May.

Having fun trying a new overlay, Felicity by Kirsty Wiseman. It almost makes you feel the music.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Photo-A-Day In May

One of the blogs I subscribe to, Sprague Lab - Scrapbook Alchemy had a challenge to "Come Play" -- A Photo A Day in May. With our new camera I thought it would be great to join the fun. Instead of posting each picture individually I decided to add some creativity and use Stamp Cluster 9 by Lindsay Jane Designs. It gives me the opportunity to learn something new with the camera and gain a few skills in PSE. Hope you enjoy our predicted warm temperatures this weekend! It seems like winter lasted much too long. Well ... off to take the picture for today : )

Monday, May 12, 2008

First Birthday

Calleigh turns one today. It's hard to believe an entire year has passed ... it seems like she has been a part of the family for several years. She has been such a blessing to all of us.
I put together a digi layout to celebrate her first year in pictures. It has been a joy to watch her grow.

Elements: Crown -Lindsay Jane Design
Heart: Scrappy Pony Designs -Valentine3
Ribbon -Lindsay Jane Design, Just Pink
Journaling Strips: Mira Designs
Paper: Melanie Ann Designs -Chocoberry Creme Paper 03
Royanna Fritschmann Studio RA Designs -Summerloser-paper 01
Fonts: Milk & Cereal, Prestige Elite Std., CK-AlisWriting
Template: Miracle's Momma Designs -MMD-2007-YIR

Saturday, May 03, 2008

National Scrapbooking Day

This weekend we had the pleasure of having the grandkids ... oh, my have we had fun! While Colin and Grandpa played Star Wars I put together a layout for "Uncle Tim." I was amazed at how many times this weekend Calleigh reminded me of Tim when he was a toddler. It was that sparkle in her eyes, her charming personality and having "no fear" of new things -- thus inspiring my layout.
Both kids were very charming today ... as we ate lunch at Wendy's (where else???), Colin and Calleigh were smiling and waving at those waiting in the drive-through line. It brought smiles to many faces.
Just passing on the joy ...

Template: Pineapple Plantation Designs - sbs_template 2
Paper: ALP Simple Beauty 9,
Graziela Mendes-My Father 02,
Lisa Corthell August Round Up paper 1,
Lindsay Jane Designs Iced Berry 2
Element: Heidi Larson, Little Dreamer Designs - Charmer
Font: Ali's Writing, Milk & Cereal, American Typewriter