Monday, January 19, 2009

My Favorite ...

Just thought I would share my favorite digi layout since I last posted. Instead of posting all of them I thought I would feature one of two of my favorites.
I loved how it turned out ... the rich colors, the lettering, the simplicity and of course, I love those featured in the pictures.
It warms my heart to see a father-son moment as Brian spends time with Colin while playing guitar. Who knows?!?! Colin may learn to play one of these days. There has been a long history of interest in playing the guitar in our family
I now have 17 photos in my new album and nearly ready to start March 2006.
Template: Kitty Cat Designs -Happiness Is
Font: Mom's Typewriter
Paper: Susan Fitch -guitar heaven

Kennedy Gals

Since the Kennedy 40th Grade School Reunion nearly two years ago, the four of us have been trying to reunite more often. We have met for lunch at various restaurants in town but Lora graciously opened her home Saturday for our latest get together.
We never lack for conversation ... there are always childhood memories to discuss, where life has taken us over the years, what we are doing in this season of life, etc.
Last year we read the book, The Glass Castle and met together to discuss it. If you haven't read it yet, I highly recommend it.
I am so thankful to have these friends in my life. The are so encouraging, share great ideas and we always seem to include some laughter. I am already looking forward to our next gathering!

Scrapbooking Stash

So, now that I'm doing most of my scrapbooking layouts digitally, what becomes of all the paper, elements, tools, etc. that I've accumulated over the last ten years?

Cards ... I've been enjoying these 4x6 layouts and finding you can make them more personal rather than picking one up at a Hallmark store.
I'm still incorporating some hybrid techniques such as using someone's name as a dictionary definition. I got this idea from Nancy while working in the library at Templeton.
So, whenever I'm in the mood to get creative with paper, I pull out my stash and start designing.
I've included a few examples from my January birthday list.

One of my favorite sites for inspiration is:

Go You Chicken Fat Go

While meeting with the Kennedy Gals Saturday (more on that in another post) we always include something from our shared grade school history. We got on the subject of our P.E. classes and the Chicken Fat record was brought up. Mr. Kohlmeier, our PE teacher would put a 45 on the record player blasting a song of instruction that filled the gymnasium. Many times following this class you could not get the song out of your head for the rest of the day.
We could each remember a few lyrics here and there so I did a little research when I got home. How I love technology for jogging my memory on things of the past! Here's what I found ...
Chicken Fat was a song written by Meredith Wilson of "Music Man" fame. It was commissioned by President Kennedy for his new Youth Fitness Program in 1961. A copy of this record was sent to every school in the U.S. It was sung by Robert Preston, also of "Music Man" fame.
Here's a Youtube site to watch ... but keep in mind the song may stick with you all day after watching this 6 minute video:

I've also included the lyrics:
Touch down
Every morning
Ten times!
Not just
Now and then.
Give that chicken fat
Back to the chicken,
And don't be chicken again.
No, don't be chicken again.
Push up
Every morning
Ten times.
Push up
Starting low.
Once more on the rise.
Nuts to the flabby guys!
Go, you chicken fat, go away!
Go, you chicken fat, go!
Good morning!
Hands on hips, place!
Now then, touch your toes with me. Ready!
Touch down (up)
Every morning (down)
Ten times!
(Up) Not just (d-) [he mistakenly starts to say "down" here]
(Four!) Now and then (up)
(Five!) Give that (up) chicken fat
(Six!) Back to the (up) chicken and
(Seven!) Don't be (up) chicken (Eight!) again
(up) No, (Nine!) don't be (up) chicken again. (Ten...halt!)
Hit the dirt! Hit!
Push ups next,
Nice and steady.
Not too fast.
Push up (down)
Every morning (up)
Ten times!
Push up,
Starting low.
(Down! That's five.) Once more (down) on the rise
(Six!) Nuts to the (down) flabby guys.
Go, you chicken fat, go away (down).
(Nine) Go, you (down) chicken fat, go!
Ten, and halt!
Now, struggle up to your feet!
March in place, march!
Left! Left! Left! Left!
Left a good pound and a quarter.
Was it right, right that it should be left?
Yes, I left! Left! Left! Left!
Left a good pound and a quarter.
It was right (left), right (left) that it should be left!
And halt! One, two.
Next, sittups.
Everybody's favorite, so on your back, drop.
All right girls, you're in this too.
Arms over head, flop!
C'mon girls, now!
Sit up!
Sit up (down)
Every morning (up)
Ten times
Sit up (down)
(Up) On your seat. (down)
(Five) Swing that rusty gate.
(Six) Don't drop the tempo, mate.
(Seven) Can't win draggin' your feet.
(Eight) No, (nine) can't win draggin' your feet.
Ten, and halt!
Now on your feet, up!
Everybody, hands on hips, place.
Twist your trunk to the left, ready!
Twist left, front,
Now the right side,
Ten times!
Twist left, front
(Right) Grunting low (front)
(Ungh!) Louder!
(Ungh!) Front, now!
Left and front and everybody sing!
Go, you chicken fat, go!
And, halt.
Fingers back of your neck, lace.
Right foot forward, place.
The pogo spring, landing on alternate feet.
Spring left,
Spring right,
Up, down,
Up, down,
Wait, not too high!
Up, down,
Up, down,
Up, down,
Drop your hands to the side, feet together, place.
Overhead, clap, and jump to stride.
Known as the jumping jack far and wide.
All right, are you ready? Ready!
Jump, two! Clap, Two!
Clap, two! Clap, slap!
Clap, slap! Clap, slap!
Jump, two! Jump, two!
Jump, it's good for you.
Three more is all we do.
Jump, two!
And...halt and sing!
Go, you chicken fat, go!
March in place,
March! Left! Left! Left!
Left a good pound and a quarter.
Was it right, right that it should be left?
Oh, I left! Left! Left! Left!
Left a good pound and a quarter.
It was right (left), right (left) and halt.
One, two.
Palms up, arms to the side, raise!
Next we're gonna do backwards circles,
Ready? Ready!
Circle round, round, round,
Back and around, back and around.
Back and around, back and around.
And back and around, and reverse.
And around, Front and around.
Front and around, front and around.
Front and around, and halt.
Arms to the side, place.
On your back, drop.
And now, raise your legs in the air, raise!
It's the bicycle ride!
And, pump, pump, pump, pump,
Pump, pump, pump, pump,
Pump, pump, pump, pump,
Pump, pump, and...
On your feet, up
Quickly, quickly, next
Inhale, arms sweep up inward,
Exhale, arms out and down.
(Inhale, arms sweep up inward,
Exhale, outward, down.)
Inhale, slow
Every morning
Exhale, clear down.
Inhale, take the air!
Down and around and inhale.
Grab that oxygen,
Exhale and try again!
You're not getting your share.
(Clear down) No, (inhale) you're not getting your share!
On the down, halt!
The tortoise and the hare next.
First the tortoise.
Bend the elbow, and run in place.
Ready? Ready!
Running, (two)
Like a tortoise,
Too far, and too slow.
Now double up, ready!
Run two three four,
(Like a hare)
Run two three four,
(Now you are)
Run two three four,
(Getting there)
Run two three four,
Go you
(Run two three four)
Chicken fat,
(Run two three four)
(Go away!)
Everybody sing!
Go, you chicken fat, go!

Whew ... I'm wondering if I could even do this workout today!?!?! Does anyone else have a memory of this from the 60's?

Friday, January 09, 2009

The Difference You Can See

I just had to show the difference in my albums since I've started digital scrapbooking. The photo below speaks for itself. Looks like I could almost get one year in each album now.

Layouts for this Week

One of my goals for the new year is to keep working on my 2006-2008 albums. I was able to complete four layouts this week. I'm trying really hard to keep at it.
The fun part has been going "back in time" and remembering special times with friends and family. It's especially amazing to see how much Colin has grown up. Time seems to be flying by!

What a Bargain!

Another bargain of the day. I found these chairs at BBB -- Bed Bath and Beyond for $4.79 each. I love how they match the playroom.
My retro table and chair from the 50's just wasn't working with two grandkids. They were very good with sharing but they both love crafts and each needed a chair.
They will be spending the night next weekend and now they can both color, paint, and play with playdoh ... sharing the table.
Today was the "day of deals"!


Every so often I like to stop by and check out Goodwill. I have discovered some amazing finds there. My inspiration is:
"Sharing simple, inexpensive ways to decorate your home." She loves going to Goodwill, bringing things home, painting and altering ... giving a new look to the rooms in her home. I've taken notes and others in our area must be reading her blog too -- and buying things up before I get there.
Today my biggest find was buying this rubber boot planter. I picked it up and looked it over and moved on to other areas. Before checking out I went back and whew ... it was still there on the shelf. I got in line to pay and the gal behind me said that she had wanted the boots too but put them back. She couldn't think of what she would do with them. When I told her I was going to put them out in my flower beds filled with plants ... she looked very sad that she had put them down.
Come spring these will look great in the landscape ... I love whimsical things in the garden! And as I've mentioned before ... I love a bargain : )

A Great Bargain

Since Walt was at a retreat I did a little shopping after work this afternoon ... with sickness and the big snow event I haven't gotten out much.
I stopped by Joann's and can you believe it ... my word for 2009 was on clearance for 70% off. Couldn't pass it up. What a great reminder this will be!
I love a bargain : )

Celebrating Mother's Day

Yesterday -- it was Mother's Day in January. I finally celebrated by using the Coldwater Creek gift card I received from Matte, Tim & Rae last May. After looking over their "menu" of services I made an appointment for the 30-minute organic facial.
This was my first experience at a spa and I have to admit ... what took me so long??? : ) It was AMAZING and when I left I felt so relaxed and refreshed. It was wonderful to be pampered. This will definitely move to top of my "Save Up For" list. Their pamphlet has 5 pages listing services available ... what shall I try next?!?!?!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

2009 Word of the Year Link

If you haven't picked a word for the year yet, check out this link for Ali Edwards' 2009 list:

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Welcome 2009

Over the past few years I have selected a Word of the Year. I got the idea from Ali Edwards (scrapbooking blog). My word for 2009 ...
Pronunciation: \ˈsim-plə-ˌfī\
Function: transitive verb
Etymology: French simplifier, from Medieval Latin simplificare, from simplus simple
Date: 1759

: to make simple or simpler: as a: to reduce to basic essentials b: to diminish in scope or complexity : streamline c: to make more intelligible : clarify
I found a few quotes about simplifying life online:
Making the simple complicated is commonplace;
making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that's creativity.
-Charles Mingus

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have
into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos
to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast,
a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes
sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.
-Melody Beattie

Voluntary simplicity isn't about giving things up -- it's about making room in your life and your mind for the things that are really important to you.

I loved Sunday's message ... Will and Dan did an excellent job of sharing about making room in our heart for love, joy, peace, etc. I loved the visual of the heart ... it was simple to grasp and very relevant to the new year. It helped me confirm my word for the year.
Simplifying might mean slowing down this year, making room in all areas of my life, giving up - letting go, having a heart of gratitude ... more "being" and less "doing." I think this is the season of life I am entering ... not in accumulation but in being truly thankful for what I have.
In her 2007 newsletter Ali Edwards stated, "A single word can be a powerful thing. It can be the ripple in the pond that changes everything. Can you identify a single word that sums up what you want for yourself in 2009?"
Wishing you a healthy, joy-filled, life changing 2009!