Monday, June 28, 2010

Vacation of a Lifetime

Italy has been better than we ever imagined ... here's a sneak peek of a few things we've experienced. We still haven't downloaded all the pictures from the past few days so I will post more as internet access allows. We move locations about every two days so I never know if internet will be available. I am sitting outside our hotel in Sorrento. It is warm and dry -- nearly 11:00pm ... a lovely evening. Tomorrow we will be in Assisi and will celebrate our 36th anniversary.

At the Vatican Square-Thursday

Visiting Piazza del Popolo -Thursday

A Glimpse of the Colosseum -Thursday

Scooters everywhere in Rome -Wednesday

Gelato as soon as we arrived-Wednesday

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hello Wash and Wear ...

Goodbye curling iron ... Goodbye velcro rollers ... Hello wash and wear hair!
After wearing my hair the same way for twelve years it was time for a change. I gathered my courage and asked Alyssa to cut my hair. I have seen what she can do with scissors and a comb and I was impressed. I had complete confidence in her!
Well, she got rave reviews when I went to school the next day not only from the staff but the students. I was told that I had taken ten years off with the hair ... YAY! : ) One boy called me over during lunch duty and I thought he needed help with something. Instead, he said, " Mrs. Germer, that is the best haircut I've ever seen." So ... compliments to Alyssa on a great job!
This will be so much easier to take care of while on our trip. I think it only takes about four minutes to dry and style.
Thanks Alyssa for removing those ten year ... hahaha ... and helping to rid my routine of time and tools. This is so much easier and stylish.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Loads of Fun

The last piece to our remodeling project arrived Saturday afternoon ... our new steam washer and dryer set.
Wow ... I think we will have to take a class on how to operate these machines. They are much more computerized than our older set. The dryer even plays a song when the cycle is complete. I love these new modern conveniences.
This pretty much completes our basement remodel project. Great timing before our trip. When we return we will move to the guest room and then start on our master bedroom/bathroom. Depending on what the school board decides tonight about my job ... I may have a lot of time on my hands to tackle several projects around the house!

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Drumroll, Please ...

After five long months of blood, sweat and a few tears : ) we finally finished the last of the bathroom remodel yesterday. The entire project will be complete when our new steam washer and dryer set is delivered in a week or so. What a huge accomplishment! Walt did a fabulous job and we are loving the end result.
Here's a small preview of our remodeling journey ...

With experience under our belt we will tackle the master bed/bath when we return from our trip. Seems like there's always a new adventure ahead as a homeowner!

Sixteen Days

When I arrived home from work one evening last week I found a package on our front porch ... our "Best of Italy" itinerary and ticket information.
Only sixteen days to get ready ... most of the shopping and "gathering" has been done. Now we're down to buying lightweight luggage and getting everything in them -- and still getting them zipped -- I have to remember there's a weight limit : )
With this extremely wet NW spring we've experienced this year it is nice to see that Italy is in the 80's right now. Hoping to enjoy some warmth and sunshine while there!

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Here We Go Again ...

In the "Waiting Room"
... a repeat end of the school year ... the District is recommending RIF'ing the Media Assts. once again. We are now waiting to see if the Board approves ... as we did last year, we are making adjustments in life.
Here's what I'll be aligning my life with ... I always find encouragement in the Psalms ...

"She is not afraid of receiving bad news;
her faith is strong and she trusts in the Lord.
She is not worried or afraid ..."
Psalm 112:7
I did change the he's to she's : )

I'll keep you posted as decisions are made. Would appreciate your prayers!
Thanks ...