Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hello Wash and Wear ...

Goodbye curling iron ... Goodbye velcro rollers ... Hello wash and wear hair!
After wearing my hair the same way for twelve years it was time for a change. I gathered my courage and asked Alyssa to cut my hair. I have seen what she can do with scissors and a comb and I was impressed. I had complete confidence in her!
Well, she got rave reviews when I went to school the next day not only from the staff but the students. I was told that I had taken ten years off with the hair ... YAY! : ) One boy called me over during lunch duty and I thought he needed help with something. Instead, he said, " Mrs. Germer, that is the best haircut I've ever seen." So ... compliments to Alyssa on a great job!
This will be so much easier to take care of while on our trip. I think it only takes about four minutes to dry and style.
Thanks Alyssa for removing those ten year ... hahaha ... and helping to rid my routine of time and tools. This is so much easier and stylish.


Anonymous said...

Very cute!! Love the neckline.

Anonymous said...

Wash and wear --- love it! enJOY!