Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tennis Anyone?

I had fun putting this layout together today from our 2005 SunRiver Memorial Weekend trip. We enjoyed playing tennis with Matt and Tim. Although, most of my exercise from this sport was chasing balls inside and outside the court : ) BUT it was a fun memory.
With each digi layout I do I am learning many new skills and getting more familiar with my files. It's very addicting. However, my right wrist is sore and has a permanent red mark from moving the mouse around on the mousepad. Wonder if someone has a good suggestion for that?

Template: DigiTreat/Princess Pamela -Template 2
Font: Betty's Hand, Kilroy was Here, American Typewriter
Elements: Tracy Drane Round Up -Mesh1 ; Digitreats Jump -Play
Journaling: Wendyis Crafty Creation -Tagged 2 #9
Paper: Pure Scrap Velour #11, Ams Digi Scrap Autumn Stripes

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Digi Layouts

Since I've been without a car for two days ... a body shop follow up appointment ... I found it addicting to work on four layouts for Mother's Day 2005 today. I am moving forward on my schedule ... doing some layouts by hand and some digital. I have eleven events I want to complete in the next three weeks. Of course, I have been working on this between gardening, house organization, reading and walking.
I've put in an order to our nearby Costco Photo Lab and then they go right in my album. I love how it's filling up!
I created this arrangement for blog display only.

#1: Alphas: Little Dreamer Designs/ Michelle Coleman -MCO Hand Stamped Brushes
Template: Neverland Scraps/Gotta Pixel -Layered Template 89
Scrappifolies-Le Scrap De Steph/Stephanie Trouve -So Shabby Spring 02, 06,11
Brads: Vicki Parker/A Work in Progress -AWP Pompey Brad 1, 2 3
Doodle: Krista Mettler's Designs/Skye Scrapz
DYMO Label: Andrea Cox/Authentic Artistry -Happiness blue
Font: American Typewriter, Betty's Hand
#2 Template: CK8071 hmlentz
Elements: Shabby Princess Designs/Sara Carling -Dinner Party -chalk blank
Paper: Brothers Overlay
Font: Chalkboard, American Typewriter, FanciHand
#3 Number 4: Val Gouveia Designs/Digital Scrapbook Pages -Alpha Chipboard
Template: CK9072hlentz
Element: Shabby Princess Designs/Sara Carling -Dinner Party -let's eat
Word Art: R Penn -Express Yourself -a joy to me
Paper: Scrappinfolies-Le Scrap De Steph -So Shabby Spring 02, 06
Font: Marker Felt, Ghostwriter, Almagro
#4 Template: Text Path Template by Britt-ish Designs - Scrap Matters
Paper: Two Boyz00 -Paper 8
Element: Vicki-A Work in Progress -AWP Citrus Berry-Heart Cluster;
Nicole Seitler/Sugarplum Paperie -Sugarplum-grasshopper flower
Word Art: RPENN Express Yourself -Remember This
Font: Cochin, American Typewriter

Monday, June 23, 2008

A Day for Dads ...

June 15th
Honoring Dads ...

The greatest gift ...

Spending time together.

Special Guest Appearance

Yes ... that looks like Darth Vader
at our Father's Day Celebration.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Germer Girls ...

Germer girls go for grahams : )

A Father's Day treat.

Memories ...

Even though I had a lengthly "to-do" list I tagged along with Walt Wednesday in joining his grade school classmates. We had a 2:00 pm appointment to tour his grade school and then dinner at Kennedy McMenamins for a Faubion 40-year reunion planning meeting.
Since we both grew up in the same area but went to different neighboring elementary schools -- and a year apart -- it was fun to share in their joy and memories.
One fun event was driving around the neighborhood and trying to remember where former classmates lived and taking pictures of the houses the planning team grew up in. I think we took nearly 250 pictures of the school and neighborhood.
It was so nice to be on summer break to share in such fun activities.

Reply to JP ... yes, they did make it down the slide : ) I caught them on camera ...

Check It Out

When Google came through our neighborhood taking pictures for Google Maps Walt and the "Storm Trooper," as we've nicknamed our truck, were captured in the photo.
Check it out here. If you look closely you can see Walt waving : )

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

enJOYing My Summer Break

How nice it has been to have my summer break start a week earlier this year.
Yesterday I started my walking regime, started organizing the garage, got a pedicure, filled my flowerpots with beautiful flowers from Al's and ended my day playing Bunco. It felt good to get things done and the blue sky & warm temps gave me added energy.
Following my morning walk today I worked on a digital template layout and finished several layouts by hand. I am now up to April 2005. My goal is to do at least one layout a day in addition to household organization.
Well, I'm off to spend some time in the garage. I would like to make room for our car again before we start our kitchen remodel : )
Swirly Words: Beezenbloomz by Lollipop Designs
Beach: Hand Stamped Alpha by Little Dreamer Designs
Paper: Summer Breeze by Lemonaid Lucy
Journaling Tag: Wendy's Crafty Creations - tag #6
Font: Garamond Premier Pro, Bambino, American Typewriter
Template: Text Path Template by Britt-ish Designs - Scrap Matters

Monday, June 02, 2008

Photo-a-Day 05.31.08

This is my last Photo-a-Day in May entry. Saturday was the perfect yard work day. We spent hours pulling weeds, trimming plants, staining the deck and putting out yard decor. It was fabulous. I decided to take a picture of the sky while laying down in our sweet smelling grass. It's good to know blue-sky days are coming soon : ) ... even though tonight is gray, dreary, wet and cool.

Photo-a-Day 05.30.08

Here's a new product I've tried this month. Found it in the Costco frozen food aisle.
A very tasty treat ... check it out next time you're there.
The next best thing would be to enjoy one on a warm, blue-sky day : )

Photo-a-Day 05.29.08

O.K. ... so it's getting late and I suddenly remember my picture of the day. It's too dark to go outside so I use what I have at hand ... Walt : )
He spent the evening making his Shepherding calls for church -- something he enjoys doing ... talking!
So, if he called you Thursday night, this is a view of how things looked on the other end of the phone.

Photo-a-Day 05.28.08

I took a personal day for a Dr. appt. and lab work Wednesday and this is how I spent my day before and after the appt. --- IRONING!
Several weeks ago (on our one and only 90 degree weekend) we pulled our summer clothes out of storage and washed them. I have slowly been working on a towering ironing pile. Now if we could only enjoy a few sunny days so we could wear them. This has been the strangest Spring weather I can recall.
Anyone else ready for some sunshine????