Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Party for a Princess

How fun to join the March celebration … Amethyst’s third birthday! What a precious little girl … each Sunday I look forward to her hug and visit … and being called “Grandma Karen.” Happy Birthday, Ami!

Even Colin joined his cousins in the fun!

Moving Matte

Welcome back to Oregon, Matte!
At the end of spring break we traveled north to help Matt pack up and move -- for new adventures in Oregon. He’s getting settled and diligently looking for a new job. Our prayers are with you … nice to have you here.

Boys and Toys

We still have these?????? Each attic box we open holds memories of years gone by. We recently opened one with Dick Tracy and Turtle action figures … Donatello, Leonardo, Michaelangelo and Raphael. Each year new ones were added for birthdays and Christmas and with three boys our collection multiplied quickly. Even though we are trying to be selective with their childhood keepsakes …. I think we’ll hang on to these a little longer. Sorry Matt, you’re outvoted on this one again! : )


While opening another attic box I found my glasses from 1961. If you are 50 or older, you probably are familiar with this frame design … even includes sparkles! It’s funny how having glasses such as these seemed so cool to an eight year old … and now when glasses are required for daily living … I’d give anything to have 20/20 vision again.
How I miss my “freedom-from-frames” life … they steam up when you open the oven door … with our Oregon weather they are frequently covered with raindrops. But I am very thankful for my “magnified” life, as I wouldn’t even be able to read this print without them. If you ask me if I wear glasses full-time, I would say they are only for reading. But the truth is …. I'm starting to have them "on" more than "off" nowadays!

Attic Treasures

Anyone remember the Flutophone from the 60’s? I believe they’re referred to as a Recorder nowadays …
I got mine in the fourth grade … a long white instrument with shiny red trim. This was an introduction to the “instrumental world” for elementary students. Our class would meet with Mr. Buzzell in the auditorium, which is now the Kennedy McMenamin’s theater. We sat in alphabetical order … and to my recollection … that did not include sitting by the naughty boy I referred to in an earlier post, but rather next to a very studious boy. My best guess is that he probably chose a career path as an engineer!
Since I have not been gifted with a musical mind my seating placement was a godsend. When we were asked to play I would keep my eyes on his fingers and follow his leading. How I ever qualified for this certificate is beyond me!
Last Christmas Walt bought a “retro” Flutophone at Finegan’s Toy Store and put it in my stocking for “nostalgia sake.” A few days later while bringing boxes down from the attic I found instructions on how to play this instrument in one of the boys’ boxes. Maybe one of these days I’ll bring the two together and actually see if I can finally figure out how to play it! We’re never too old to learn new tricks : ) ….

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Spring Vacation

Spring Vacation is coming to a close … and like most vacations my “to-do” list far exceeded the hours/days available. But I do feel a sense of accomplishment … with the help of my mom I filled a flowerbed with colorful plants that we picked out at Al’s Garden Center ... I spent some time in the kitchen cooking and testing new recipes ... I completed several scrapbooking pages ... I spent a day at the Children’s Museum with Colin and Michelle … shopping on NW 23rd and visiting with Rachael at the card shop ... traveled to Seattle to help Matte move back … and shopping at Ikea & Joann’s.
I flipped the calendar page to April today and realized it's time to get back to the daily routine. I'm so thankful for spring break and the time I had to spend with family and friends.
June is not that far away! : )

Wise "Traveling Companions" On the Journey

I am thankful for those wise “traveling companions” who share my journey … for those who set the pace, those who encourage, mentor, lead, listen and love. There are those with whom I share time with on a regular basis … at church, Bible study or work. I have been blessed with wise friends / family where most of our “travels” are by phone or email due to distance or scheduling. Many times months can pass and when we get together it only feels like mere days have passed by since we last talked. I’m thankful for those who have “walked” before me and can give me insight and advice on what can be ahead on the journey. It would be very hard to travel alone … Proverbs 13:20 says, “Whoever walks with the wise will become wise …”
A few weeks ago I had an opportunity to spend a weekend at the beach with some great “traveling companions.” We spent time sharing our journeys … our crafts/hobbies – knitting/scrapbooking … great food -- our favorite foods and recipes … great walks on a sunny, warm beach … good conversations … times of laughter. It was a much needed weekend to slow down and enjoy a time of refreshment.

Scrapbooking Convention

Several weeks ago I had an opportunity to go to the Scrapbooking Convention at the Oregon Convention Center with several friends who share my passion for this hobby. I love the creative outlet and sharing our family journey through photos and journaling.
We spent over four hours checking out each booth/display, milling through the crowds, waiting in lines. It was worth it all to see the newest “toys” and technology in the industry. I came home with several new tools, laser diecuts and papers but my favorite stop was at a booth where you could get an assortment of brads and eyelets for $7 a cup. What a great bargain … nice to have a great selection at my fingertips thus saving a last minute trip to shop for much needed embellishments in order to complete a page.
This day gave me great inspiration and I have recently completed several pages. I am now up to Easter 2004 and quickly approaching the “Colin Years.” I think I need a sabbatical from work to complete all of those layouts : )