Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Attic Treasures

Anyone remember the Flutophone from the 60’s? I believe they’re referred to as a Recorder nowadays …
I got mine in the fourth grade … a long white instrument with shiny red trim. This was an introduction to the “instrumental world” for elementary students. Our class would meet with Mr. Buzzell in the auditorium, which is now the Kennedy McMenamin’s theater. We sat in alphabetical order … and to my recollection … that did not include sitting by the naughty boy I referred to in an earlier post, but rather next to a very studious boy. My best guess is that he probably chose a career path as an engineer!
Since I have not been gifted with a musical mind my seating placement was a godsend. When we were asked to play I would keep my eyes on his fingers and follow his leading. How I ever qualified for this certificate is beyond me!
Last Christmas Walt bought a “retro” Flutophone at Finegan’s Toy Store and put it in my stocking for “nostalgia sake.” A few days later while bringing boxes down from the attic I found instructions on how to play this instrument in one of the boys’ boxes. Maybe one of these days I’ll bring the two together and actually see if I can finally figure out how to play it! We’re never too old to learn new tricks : ) ….

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