Sunday, November 16, 2008

Oh, my ....

We received our first Christmas card yesterday and several of our neighbors put up their lights today!
I'm starting to feel a little overwhelmed : )

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Dine and Design

I'm a little behind on "current events" but spent some time this weekend working on a few layouts from our annual Family Cookie Day in October. It's amazing how a spoonful of frosting and a few sweet treats can transform an ordinary cookie into a work of art. Colin was really in to it this year. He had some very creative ideas and enjoyed the "sugar rush."
Now I need to return to my Thanksgiving 2005 scrapbooking project before the upcoming holiday.

Time with Uncle Tim
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Cookie Day
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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

"OPEN" ...

Gulp ... last week when Calleigh was visiting she noticed my boxed Ballet Star Barbie on the shelf ... which, by the way, was a gift from her Mommy a few years ago.
Calleigh has started noticing that Grandma has a lot of Barbies around the house. As a collector, I believe I have more than 100 Barbies ... still in the original box ... in mint condition. Many are from dear friends and family members. Some mark an occasion or event in my life.
Well, back to the story ... On this particular day Calleigh points to the box and says, "BARBIE!!" followed by "OPEN" Oh, dear ... this could get complicated.
Psst -- After a lifetime with all guys ... I'm lovin' it : )

Fall Family Fun

As our family gathered a few weeks ago on the last beautiful warm day of the season, we set up our tripod/camera and tried to capture THE perfect family photo. Perhaps for this year's Christmas card???
It's a little tricky getting nine people to pose for the perfect picture. We always have a good laugh as Grandpa sets the camera timer and nearly breaks a leg trying to jump in and look relaxed and casual. Or the grandkids only want to pose for a few pictures ... when Grandpa a.k.a. "Papa-razzi" has a huge memory card waiting for their smiles : ) The plan was to take a group picture by our bridge but the sun was much too bright that day -- too much squinting.
Regardless ... it's all about the journey ... we had a good time together in the process. Will this be THE 2008 Christmas card picture??? Perhaps, but we still have several weeks for another photo session : )
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Imagination Taking Shape

There are a few things Calleigh loves about visiting at Grandma & Grandpa's house. She loves the tray of fiber "balls" on my coffee table. She has the freedom to play with them without worry. They serve a dual purpose -- a decorative element in our living room AND something she can play with.
As the novelty of this slowly wears out, she has been heading down to the playroom with one thing on her mind ... PLAYDOH. Grandpa captured some great photos of the creative process in her new found joy. I see great artistic talent here! Keep at it, Calleigh ...

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Template: K@trine -Template 6
Alpha: Amy Sumrall -Playdoh Alpha
Arrow: Hummie -Swirly Arrow 2

Sunday, November 02, 2008


Charlotte -- I finally got this posted : )
With so much going on this week I haven't spent much time on my photos or layouts. I thought I would share our fun Halloween evening with you. Here's the "story" in the journaling:

"Brian, Michelle, Aunt Sissa, Colin and Calleigh came by to “trick or treat” our neighborhood. Colin was Luke
Skywalker and Calleigh dressed up as a fairy princess. Michelle has been learning to sew and decided to tackle making costumes for the kids this year. She did a fabulous job!
It was a perfect evening to be out in the neighborhood -- mild temperatures and no rain. Our first stop was the Myers’ house to see “Mr. Chris.” Ella was dressed as Tinkerbell and between each house Colin wanted to hold her hand. After a full evening of “trick-or-treating” our cul-de-sac we had two very tired little ones."

I hope you enjoyed the weekend -- especially the extra hour!

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