Wednesday, November 05, 2008

"OPEN" ...

Gulp ... last week when Calleigh was visiting she noticed my boxed Ballet Star Barbie on the shelf ... which, by the way, was a gift from her Mommy a few years ago.
Calleigh has started noticing that Grandma has a lot of Barbies around the house. As a collector, I believe I have more than 100 Barbies ... still in the original box ... in mint condition. Many are from dear friends and family members. Some mark an occasion or event in my life.
Well, back to the story ... On this particular day Calleigh points to the box and says, "BARBIE!!" followed by "OPEN" Oh, dear ... this could get complicated.
Psst -- After a lifetime with all guys ... I'm lovin' it : )

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meg said...

also note Grandma that at only 18 months my little girl knows how to say Barbie and knows just who Barbie is. You have taught her well :)