Saturday, May 30, 2009

Wii Are Getting Fit!

I just returned from taking the Highly Qualified I/A test and I believe I passed : ) Still waiting for my writing to be graded but I know I passed Applied Mathematics and Reading for Information (even with pneumonia!). Whew ... what a relief to have that behind me! Thank you, to all of you who were praying for me. The only disappointment in taking the test today was having to cancel our "wedding dress" photo shoot with Kim. It would have been a perfect morning. Oh well, we'll soon reschedule and I may be healthier by then too.
Now on with life ... to finally be able to scrapbook, read and blog ... everything I set aside in preparation for the test. Now back to where I left off ... there's much to catch up on.
The guys made Mother's Day so special. They cooked an amazing meal and it was fun to just be together. The kids totally shocked me with a gift of a WiiFit. We had fun trying it out and I was so happy to hear that in my "fit age" I am seven years younger. Whoohooo : ) Me!!! -->The couch potato! Who would have thought?!?!?
I started out strong ... getting up before 5:30 each day ... improving my scores etc. and then ... I was diagnosed with pneumonia. I am anxious to get back at it but maybe not so early in the day.
The guys made our Mother's Day so memorable. Love those guys : )
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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Old Technology - New Fun

While I'm home with pneumonia I thought I would catch up a bit on my blog. Since I'm so far behind I will probably do a few posts between naps.
I love these pictures taken of the grandkids on Mother's Day. Even though they have never seen a phone like this, it seems to be one of their favorite toys. Who would have thought that old technology could be so entertaining.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Yes! Kris Allen wins the American Idol title!! I love seeing the "underdog" win. I was not much of an Adam fan -- he's talented but just not my style. He lost me at "Ring of Fire" -- Melney too : ) What fun we had watching our first season from start to finish. Such amazing talent.
I wonder how many hours we invested in this season??? It's now time to move on and get outdoors ... spend more time in the garden and enjoy the fresh air.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Remembering Lori

(center -wearing lavender)
October 19, 1953 - May 18, 2009
With much sadness our group of high school friends are grieving the loss of our friend, Lori. Sometimes in our busy schedules or life circumstances we are not able to get together or keep in touch as often as we would like. Yet, when an opportunity to gather together comes our way, it feels like only yesterday since we last saw each other. We are united by a rich history ... a common bond ... we shared so many teenage experiences together -- dances, football games, slumber parties, dating etc. Today our hearts are heavy ... our thoughts and prayers are with her family.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Join Me for a Stroll in the Garden

I love to see new life shooting up through the earth ... shouting, "Spring is here!"
The colors are amazing ...

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Friday, May 08, 2009

I Never Thought ...

This week our Ford Taurus turned 100,000 miles ... I was shocked -- but thankful that it made it to this "milepost." As the daughter of an auto mechanic, I was always given advice about Fords ... "Fix Or Repair Daily" so it would have surprised Dad to discover that I have been a Ford owner for years AND that it has survived a decade with very few problems.
So far this is one of the longest running vehicles in our 35 years of marriage. Our VW Bus needed a new engine while under our ownership and our Chevy Astro (Always Something To Repair On) fell apart (died) at 88,000. I guess we have owned several cars featured in the book, "Crap Cars." : )
We are so thankful for the reliability of this great little car ... sorry Dad!

btw ...

It has been a long time since I last posted. I have one steadfast rule about blogging ... never, never write about work, my employer, coworkers etc. Hence, the explanation for my "time to be silent."
The day following my last post I was informed that, due to the economic condition of our state, my position with the district will be eliminated in June and I will not have a job in the fall ... the first time in 20 years! I should be getting my RIF notice in a few weeks and will be joining Oregon's 12% unemployed in June.
I do have mixed feelings ... it will be strange not going back to work in September but a part of me is also looking forward to the break. I am on a twenty-seven month recall if the economy turns around but perhaps not in the same position or building.
I am so thankful for such supportive friends/family and those who have modeled how to graciously walk through this with trust, hope and faith.