Friday, May 08, 2009

I Never Thought ...

This week our Ford Taurus turned 100,000 miles ... I was shocked -- but thankful that it made it to this "milepost." As the daughter of an auto mechanic, I was always given advice about Fords ... "Fix Or Repair Daily" so it would have surprised Dad to discover that I have been a Ford owner for years AND that it has survived a decade with very few problems.
So far this is one of the longest running vehicles in our 35 years of marriage. Our VW Bus needed a new engine while under our ownership and our Chevy Astro (Always Something To Repair On) fell apart (died) at 88,000. I guess we have owned several cars featured in the book, "Crap Cars." : )
We are so thankful for the reliability of this great little car ... sorry Dad!


Matt said...

The ASTRO was a beast. A champ. A destroyer. Here is footage to prove it:

meg said...

really the astro was not my fault! even we did park my sick ford next to it, and it died shortly after. Sorry! plus we can't forget who pushed the button in my ford that caused such sickness :) Glad this last car has been so good to you!