Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Little Pink Hat

Well ... this little hat was a "community" project. Michelle sent me the pattern, Heather found the 2.5 needles (they actually look like toothpicks!) and my knitting "coach," Kathy at work, guided me EVERY step of the way. This pattern was way beyond my skill level but Kathy patiently translated each row, fixed my mistakes, and was a cheerleader throughout the entire process.
What a JOY to see something finished after a long "struggle" in learning many new knitting terms and stitches. Now I need to find a little baby girl to wear it : )
Well ... onto Matt's Christmas gift ... 2009! I have 6 inches to go before I cast off and give him his new afghan. It took a year to complete! Feels good to be knitting again and I am enjoying the company of coworkers as I knit and purl. I hope you are finding time for a favorite craft or hobby this month!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Wii Enjoyed Celebrating ...

Last night we celebrated Liz and Paula's birthdays with an old-fashioned Germer-Peterson get together BUT with a "high tech" twist ... a Wii game night. Steve and Mindy brought over the Beatles:Rock Band and boy, did we rock out! What fun ... but a good dose of reality ... I am NOT musically inclined! hahaha --but many of you already knew that!

It was fun to celebrate a birthday with my friend of five DECADES ... happy birthday, Paula. May we still be enjoying crazy times together for several decades ahead! And ... Happy 30th birthday, Liz. You rock on drums : )
Thanks, Petersons for inviting us to share in your fun evening!

What's On Your Playlist?

The first two weeks of the year have been very successful in the area of health and fitness. I am working out @ ClubSport six days a week. I am finding a routine and equipment I like to workout on and music is a big part of my workout. I need something upbeat and energizing. Michael Jackson's, "This Is It," Paul McCartney and the Newsboys have been keeping me going but I need to create a playlist to keep things fresh and livened up. If you have a playlist that helps you go the extra mile, please share what you're listening to.
Hope the first two weeks of the new year find you reaching toward your goals!

Monday, January 04, 2010


Look at the class Club Sport is offering ... The SECRET of Vitality! Yes! My word of the year. I'm hoping to sign up for this free class ... the perfect fit for my new year goals.

We worked out late Saturday evening and I spent an hour there after work today. I feel so much more energized than when I just head home and veg. I am looking forward to getting stronger each week. I am truly thankful for the opportunity to do this and look forward to getting fit : )

Today's bonus ... we get a 10% discount for being a district employee!

Friday, January 01, 2010

iPhone app

One of my favorite apps downloaded for our iPhones is the YouVersion Bible. Since my phone usually goes everywhere I go I always have my daily Bible reading at hand. With this app I can pick the version I want to read so I've chosen to do my one year reading plan using The Message -- there are 41 different translations to pick from. I selected Project 345 from several reading plans available. This is a simple way to read the entire New Testament in one year. It involves reading one chapter a day for five days a week and the weekends for catch up if needed. The plan was named for the average of the three minutes and forty five seconds that it takes to read one New Testament chapter.
Each day after the reading it checks off the chapter and keeps track of my progress. What a great use of technology : )
Have you set any goals for the new year?

Happy 2010

Happy New Year! We enjoyed a wonderful evening with lifelong friends, the Petersons. Don made an amazing meal and we enjoyed catching-up until the wee hours of morning. We are so thankful for these dear friends ... what a way to start out the new year.
In keeping with my "Word of the Year" ... VITALITY ... we started a membership at Club Sport yesterday afternoon. We are both excited to work on wellness this year. This was our Christmas present to each other ... the gift of a healthier lifestyle!
I would love to hear if you have a Word of the Year for 2010 ...