Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Little Pink Hat

Well ... this little hat was a "community" project. Michelle sent me the pattern, Heather found the 2.5 needles (they actually look like toothpicks!) and my knitting "coach," Kathy at work, guided me EVERY step of the way. This pattern was way beyond my skill level but Kathy patiently translated each row, fixed my mistakes, and was a cheerleader throughout the entire process.
What a JOY to see something finished after a long "struggle" in learning many new knitting terms and stitches. Now I need to find a little baby girl to wear it : )
Well ... onto Matt's Christmas gift ... 2009! I have 6 inches to go before I cast off and give him his new afghan. It took a year to complete! Feels good to be knitting again and I am enjoying the company of coworkers as I knit and purl. I hope you are finding time for a favorite craft or hobby this month!


Anonymous said...

Very nice work. Good for you and its good to know you're sticking with the knitting.

Loretta said...

Very pretty Karen. Would it fit Calleigh? I think she would look adorable in it.

Anonymous said...

It's even cuter in person. Great job!!!