Thursday, February 11, 2010

Merry Christmas Matt ... Finally!

Super Bowl Sunday I knit the last few rows on Matt's 2009 Christmas gift. It was a 13-month project so I missed the holiday deadline. No worries ... I just wrapped it up with the needles attached and promised to finish it soon. Has anyone else had to do that?!?!?
Well, Matte ... your afghan is here waiting for you. I think you'll get a few month's use out of it before the warmer temperatures arrive.
It was a fun project to work on. Merry Christmas (again), Matte : )


meg said...

WOW! congratulations Karen that was a lot of work. It looks beautiful!

Anonymous said...

What a labor of love! I know Matte will put it to good use and get a lot of warmth and enjoyment out of it.

>> said...

Thanks!!! I'll need to pick it up this week.