Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wedding Dress 2009

I think the tradition started in 1999 ... putting my wedding dress on every five years and taking pictures. Even though we have a professional photo shoot coming up we had to take a few on our anniversary last night.
There's always a little anxiety ... will it still fit after 35 years? Whew ... I can still get it zipped but I'm sure it's not the same fit as in 1974 : )
We enjoyed a delicious dinner at Olive Garden ... thanks, Barb! Still keeping with the Italian theme for this year.
We have enjoyed celebrating our 35th anniversary this summer!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Las Vegas, OREGON?!?!?!?!?

Today's high was 102 degrees but within hours we went from this beautiful sunny day...

to this -- Yes, that's a downpour! No sunglasses required here:

Since this is the evening for our outdoor gondola ride we moved our reservation to an indoor ride. It is clearing up this evening and the temperature has returned to the upper 90's. For some reason this weather event reminds me of our Wallowa vacation. There's one common factor ... the weather always changes there when Tim comes to town (heeheehee) Sorry Tim, I couldn't resist! : )
Tomorrow ... the all-day Grand Canyon tour!

Adventures in Las Vegas

We are enjoying the sights, sounds, and the sun of Las Vegas.
We arrived early Sunday afternoon and after checking in to the Venetian we set out on foot to explore the strip. A walk can be quite a workout in the 100 degree heat.
We are enjoying the atmosphere of our hotel ... the ceiling has been painted to look like the sky, "streetlights" are dim giving an evening ambiance, storefronts resemble Venice and the canal/gondolas tops off the effect.
We have a adapted well to a daily routine. Up early. Out for a walk in the cool morning temps. Lounge by the pool to read and sleep in the afternoon. I'm halfway through my second book ... I hope I packed enough books! I just finished the 8th Confession by James Patterson and now reading Summer on Blossom Street by Debbie Macomber. I think I'm starting to unwind from the "craziness" this spring.
Monday night we went to see Beatles Love ... it was an awesome experience! Definitely something I would see again. Our show started off with technical difficulties and we were a little worried they might cancel the performance ... bringing back memories of our canceled cruise visit to Catalina! But the show did go on and it was breathtaking.
Yesterday we walked from the Venetian down to Manadalay Bay ... probably close to 2-3 mile journey. We walked through each hotel and as we were trying to find our way out of the MGM we heard a familiar voice ... Tim and Rae. They had just arrived and were heading out to the pool. It was a fun moment to share our vacation adventures thus far.

Not one to gamble ... we did play a few penny machines. I was excited to find a Bejeweled game. Here's my take home winnings ... hahaha!

Tonight is our gondola ride ... an anniversary gift from Tim & Rae. More vacation news to come ...

Friday, June 19, 2009

Spring Beach Getaway

Following Calleigh's birthday party in May, we hit the road for a three-day beach getaway to Cannon Beach. I had some comp time to use before the end of the year, and with the unusually warm spring weather, it made for the perfect Oregon coast visit.
We actually got a little too much sun while walking on the beach and despite sitting under our sun shelter my ankles were exposed below my capris and I went home with permanent red "anklets" ... not a good fashion statement with marshmallow-colored legs : (
Matt drove down to join us for the day on Sunday ... only to find it a bit windy with a touch of fog on the beach. However, it was warm and beautiful in town. We had an opportunity to tour the Lockwood Beach house ... then enjoyed a nice pizza dinner together before Matt drove back to town.
For a few days previous to our trip I felt a sinus/respiratory thing starting up and by Monday I felt a little feverish and just wanted to lay on the couch and read. We left early Tuesday morning and exited the freeway near the Urgent Care clinic. I was sent home with antibiotics/sudafed/cough syrup and took the rest of the day off work. I never did improve and was actually diagnosed with pneumonia two weeks later.
Cannon Beach is one of my favorite vacation destinations ... it's quaint, quiet and a place for restoration.
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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I need to step back in time because I missed a few posts during my illness and studying for my test. Here are a few layouts of Calleigh's second birthday party from May:
It's hard to believe she is already two ... where does the time go???
Michelle had the room @ Conestoga Park and Rec decorated with such cute decor and each activity, the food, etc. was so well thought out. She is truly a "party planner." It was a joy to see Calleigh's delight with each gift she opened and how much fun she had blowing out the candles. Year two has much in store for this precious little girl!
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As soon as the party was over, Calleigh made a beeline for play equipment ... no fear in that girl. We lost track of how many times she ran across the bridge and then down the slide. It was one of the first truly beautiful blue sky days of May and it felt good to soak up the warmth of the sun while watching her play. As soon as we said goodbye, we drove down to Cannon Beach for a Spring getaway. More on that in my next post!

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fashion 101

Today was my last personal day of the school year and I scheduled it around getting ready for our Vegas trip. Walt has been checking the weather and it will be 100 degrees when our plane lands. That only means one thing ... a trip to the Woodburn Company Stores to shop for a "lighter, cooler" wardrobe.
My favorite "fashion consultant," Donna joined me and, "Wow!" can she ever spot great fashion at a steal ... no, we paid for everything : ) She helped me find things to mix and match and pointed out many things I may have bypassed on the search. It was so much fun going from store to store and enjoying a good time with a great friend.
Thanks, Donna! My suitcase would have been rather sparse without your help!

She's a Girly-Girl

What a joy it was to have the grandkids overnight last weekend while Michelle went to PH Women's Retreat.
We enjoyed an evening of playing with toys, going to the park, watching a movie etc. We pack as much into our time together as possible.
One thing Calleigh requested ... to have her nails done. This time it included the full spa package with a foot and hand massage. She was so intrigued by all that Grandma was doing.
In the morning she wanted velcro rollers in her hair like Grandma and a touch of "spray" when it was styled just right. She's growing up so quickly!
What fun it is to spend time with these precious little ones : )
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Monday, June 15, 2009

Stepping Out of the "Waiting Room" ...

This afternoon I received a "Recall from Reduction in Force" notice stating that I will be working at Mary Woodward Elementary starting August 26th as a Media Asst. Had I refused this offer I would no longer be eligible for recall with the District.
I am thrilled with my placement and look forward to working in an elementary school library again. The last four months have been a roller-coaster ride and I'm so thankful for those who have been a great support, have lifted up prayers and encouraged me. There were so many ups and downs ... twists and turns. It is such a relief to know my assignment now rather than worry about it most of the summer.
What an exciting new adventure ahead!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Then and Now

Our wedding day was captured by a very contemporary 1970's Portland photographer, "Photography by Fudge". They were not your everyday modern snapshots typical of that era. They were creative, the lighting soft and very unique. I remember we made a decision to make our wedding pictures top priority in our wedding budget. We wanted a keepsake from our special day to look back on and to love what we see 25, 35, 50 years later. I still find JOY in looking through our album. No regrets in the investment we made.
I scanned a few photos of me and mom taken before the wedding and combined it with one from our anniversary party. We look more like sisters than mother and daughter. It's hard to comprehend all the life that's happened over the last thirty-five years. I'm thankful for those who have come alongside us on the journey ... especially our parents.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

"Fancy Family Foto"

Here we are ... fun and fancy on our anniversary celebration.

Monday, June 08, 2009

35 Years Later ...

... I go on choosing you!

Just a quick photo from blending our 1974 wedding picture and our recent celebration at Fiorano's with family and friends.
More photos to follow ....

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

35th Anniversary Party

Saturday ... on a beautiful warm evening ... we were joined by 25 friends, family and our wedding party to celebrate our 35th Anniversary ... a month early.
We spent an enJOYable evening at Fiorano's on the Lake of the Commons. Since our dream has always been to go to Italy this restaurant had all the atmosphere we were looking for. The food and wait staff were wonderful and they made us feel comfortable -- "at home" -- since we used a majority of their restaurant for four hours.
It was fun getting everyone together and a great time to reconnect with those we haven't seen in years. Each person in this picture represents someone special who has had an impact on our marriage and in our lives. God has truly blessed us and we felt so honored to have them celebrate with us.
More pictures to follow ....


I was officially notified today that I passed all three sections of the para-professional test I took on Saturday. Whooo-hooo!
I am so thankful to everyone who prayed for me and encouraged me. The 3.5 hour test was challenging to take while having pneumonia ... especially trying not to cough. I didn't want to disrupt others taking the test. Bottled water and lemon drops got me through it. If I had taken my prescription cough syrup, I would have fallen asleep on the keyboard.
Walt brought this white board home from work and I spent hours going over and over story problems. It helped me see the process ... I am such a visual learner.
I am so thankful to have this "hurdle" behind me and whether I have a position at work or not next year -- from this point on -- it doesn't matter. I have been stretched and I learned a lot about myself in the process. Math takes everything out of me ... it really tries my patience. Who knows?!?! One day I may take a college math class and discover I really enjoy it : )