Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I need to step back in time because I missed a few posts during my illness and studying for my test. Here are a few layouts of Calleigh's second birthday party from May:
It's hard to believe she is already two ... where does the time go???
Michelle had the room @ Conestoga Park and Rec decorated with such cute decor and each activity, the food, etc. was so well thought out. She is truly a "party planner." It was a joy to see Calleigh's delight with each gift she opened and how much fun she had blowing out the candles. Year two has much in store for this precious little girl!
Quick Page: Ange qp printemps
Element: Summer Driggs -Sweet Springtime Bird 3
Font: American Typewriter
Word Art: Lindsay Jane -Icing Cake Happy Birthday Wordart

As soon as the party was over, Calleigh made a beeline for play equipment ... no fear in that girl. We lost track of how many times she ran across the bridge and then down the slide. It was one of the first truly beautiful blue sky days of May and it felt good to soak up the warmth of the sun while watching her play. As soon as we said goodbye, we drove down to Cannon Beach for a Spring getaway. More on that in my next post!

Template: JZ Designs -030509 Challenge FS
Alpha: Scarlet Heels -red alpha
Font: Pea Faye, Pea Jay
Elements: digitreats jump brad 8
Paper: Kevin and Amanda -red pattern paper, Yellow Solid PP

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