Thursday, September 27, 2007


Seems like we always include a little stop at the outlet mall while we're at the beach ... all those Labor Day Weekend bargains calling us. I held Calleigh while swiping my debit card and she got so excited watching the transaction. Here she is holding her purchases. I think she likes shopping already : )

Brian Turns Thirty

Colin couldn't wait for Dad to open the gift he picked out for him. He even let it slip a few times ... there was so much anticipation!

The "Ants In The Pants" game turned out to be a big hit with all the guys. Great job, Colin!

"Happy Birthday to you" ............ look at all those candles : )

Monday, September 24, 2007

Bonding with Calleigh

What a fun weekend for Calleigh ... spending time with her uncles and Rae.
Look at the view from our front room window!!

Ready for Fun

Colin is ready for a fun day at the beach ...

"Do it again, Grandpa!!!" Colin loved jumping off the edge.

Hangin' Out at the Beach

Sandy toes : )

Shore is fun with Matt ...

Let's bury Dad on his birthday!

I can't remember a nicer day at the beach ... the colors all around us were intensified. It was warm, relaxing, and fun to just "play." So much to do and enJOY!

24-Year Tradition Switch

After nearly 24-years we broke from our annual tradition ... Wi-Ne-Ma Family Bible Conference over Labor Day weekend ... and rented a house in Lincoln City to celebrate Brian's 30th birthday. {Can't believe it ... 30!!}
It was a fabulous weekend of fun and family ... outstanding weather, great beach days, amazing view from every window in the home ... we couldn't have put together a more awesome weekend!
It was perfect timing ... it gave us some family time before saying "goodbye" to Tim and Rae as they head off to the Bay area for 8 weeks the following day.

This was our first experience in spending time in the Road's End area of Lincoln City and has now become our favorite beach spot. It is rather quaint and far enough away from the business district to truly enjoy the beach atmosphere.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Joy on the Journey???

I guess I need to share all the joy on journey even when it doesn't seem all that joyful.

This is the scene of the "joy-stealer" .....

I was helping Walt from the upper level of the front deck one Friday evening. While trying to assist him I stepped on a loose board and was catapulted into the nearby shrub, fell to the river rock below with my head hitting a railroad tie. Ouch ... the bush removed skin from my ribcage, my elbow was split and I was black and blue here and there.

I've decided to hang up my toolbelt and resign my position as construction assistant on any future remodeling. I think I'd be much safer in the house scrapbooking!!!

But look at the finished product ... what an amazing transformation from our old deck. Walt did a fabulous job even though it was built with a little "blood, sweat, and tears."

Speaking of Jewels

Only two short days before returning to work several of my co-workers got together on a rainy day in August and spent many hours at Nancy's fashioning jewelry, enjoying lunch together, and catching up on our summer stories. With a couple of months off work I was missing the fellowship of those I spend so much time with during the school year.

And an added benefit ... I have several new gems in my jewelry box : )

Birthday Surprise

Looks like I've just returned from an all day shopping spree at a scrapbooking convention ... but no ... everything in this picture is from my Bible Study Birthday celebration. Yes, there's even a new Barbie in there : ) It's amazing -- there were absolutely no duplicates and each item reflected part of my life or an interest. I have already completed several layouts using these fun new "toys." Seems like I've been in a scrapbooking rut and these new papers and embellishments have added new interest and detail to my pages. Yoohoo ... I'm almost starting my 2005 album -- just a tad bit behind ... but plugging along!
Thanks ladies ... you are truly jewels in my life!

Shaping Up

After a summer of one project after another it was time to enjoy the fruit of our labor ... time to have a BBQ and enjoy the view from our new deck.
Since Rae & I share the same birthday in July we decided to celebrate right in our own backyard ... complete with roasting marshmallows.

Yum! We always enjoy any celebration/occasion to spend time with the family!