Friday, September 21, 2007

Joy on the Journey???

I guess I need to share all the joy on journey even when it doesn't seem all that joyful.

This is the scene of the "joy-stealer" .....

I was helping Walt from the upper level of the front deck one Friday evening. While trying to assist him I stepped on a loose board and was catapulted into the nearby shrub, fell to the river rock below with my head hitting a railroad tie. Ouch ... the bush removed skin from my ribcage, my elbow was split and I was black and blue here and there.

I've decided to hang up my toolbelt and resign my position as construction assistant on any future remodeling. I think I'd be much safer in the house scrapbooking!!!

But look at the finished product ... what an amazing transformation from our old deck. Walt did a fabulous job even though it was built with a little "blood, sweat, and tears."

1 comment:

Tim said...

I hope you've healed from that fall! :)