Thursday, August 25, 2011

Choose Joy

One way I have been using technology this summer is with daily devotions. I discovered Kay Warren's site through another blog. She is the wife of Rick Warren from Saddleback Church in CA. While visiting her website you can sign up to have a daily video delivered to your inbox each day for 30 days. Each video is only 3-4 minutes in length and the focus is: Choose Joy. Who couldn't use more JOY? I have enjoyed listening to her each day ... her insights, suggestions, the verses she shares ... all stick with me throughout the day. Click here for more info on her site. Spend a few minutes each day learning how you can have more JOY in your life.

Go Big or Go Home

Since we have watched so many theater movies this month, I've noticed how some people in the audience are making themselves right at home.
We now have our favorite seats (thanks to Michelle's suggestion) located on the row just in front of the rail. It makes it easier to get in and out and no one is sitting in front of you.
Tuesday night after the theater darkened and the movie was beginning a guy came in with a large popcorn and giant beverage in hand. He spied one of the only seats available in the crowded auditorium ... next to me. He had to climb OVER the rail to get to his seat ... keep in mind, he wasn't a small guy! I believe he was going to ask me to hold his refreshments while he got settled but decided to set them on the floor in front of him. As the movie was playing, he started talking to me, asking me questions, explaining the movie (yikes!) all while making his popcorn more gourmet with seasoning he brought in with him ... "Would you like to try some on your popcorn?" I pretended to sprinkle some in my bag. So I'm thinking he's settled and ready to watch the movie. Oh, no .... he then removed his shoes and placed his stocking feet ... not on the bottom bar of the rail but the top bar ... asking me, "Do my feet block your view????" O.K. ... so at that point I felt like I was part of a Saturday Night Live skit or something. Where's the hidden camera!!!
The theater has a slogan, "Go big or go home." I think this guy already thought he as there ... making himself right at home!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

We Rule

This summer I have joined a couple of Templeton "retirees" in playing an iPad online game with them.
We Rule is a social game played on the iPad or iPhone. It's a chance for you to govern your own kingdom as city planner, landscaper, builder, farmer, tax collector etc.
Never in my wildest imagination did I ever think I would get hooked on a social game but I am enjoying it : )
Sometimes in our busy schedules we need to make time for PLAY!
Wonder what will happen to my kingdom when I return to work!?!?

Summary of My Summer

Here's a summary of summer events from my calendar. I gave Tagxedo a try in creating this. You could spend hours trying new fonts, color themes and layouts ... and browsing creations already posted in the gallery. The shapes intrigue me and I hope to get back to this site and give it a try.
Only a few calendar squares open before I head back to work. Summer break is coming to a close!

Summer Movie Date Night

I've been a bit off the radar with my blog this summer. It seems like all the calendar squares have been filled with people, projects and fun events. One activity we have enjoyed during the month of August ... $5.00 movie night at Regal Cinemas in our area. We've also received several freebies with our Regal card -- popcorn, beverages, $2 popcorn. This has made for a standing Thrifty Tuesday Date Night.
When we went to see The Help we worried about crowds since it had only been released a few days. We quickly drove by Taco Bell for dinner and when we arrived at the theater we discovered we were the first ones there. The total price of that date night for two including dinner, movie and popcorn: $17. You just can't go wrong at that price. Here are a few of the movies we've seen this summer: