Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Summer Movie Date Night

I've been a bit off the radar with my blog this summer. It seems like all the calendar squares have been filled with people, projects and fun events. One activity we have enjoyed during the month of August ... $5.00 movie night at Regal Cinemas in our area. We've also received several freebies with our Regal card -- popcorn, beverages, $2 popcorn. This has made for a standing Thrifty Tuesday Date Night.
When we went to see The Help we worried about crowds since it had only been released a few days. We quickly drove by Taco Bell for dinner and when we arrived at the theater we discovered we were the first ones there. The total price of that date night for two including dinner, movie and popcorn: $17. You just can't go wrong at that price. Here are a few of the movies we've seen this summer:

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Loretta said...

We've enjoyed the Tuesday night movies too as well as the cheap popcorn. :) Too bad we haven't been able to connect on one of those!