Sunday, July 17, 2011

Wedding Attendants: Past and Present

In 1958 I was a flower girl in a wedding for my Sunday School teacher, Carleen. I remember I had a white basket shaped umbrella filled with flower petals. I don't recall too many details from that day but I do remember having to go back after the honeymooners returned to take pictures. I believe there was a camera "malfunction" on the wedding day ... as in ... no film in the camera. Oops!
Saturday Colin and Calleigh were attendants in Matt and Kathy's wedding along with Kathy's niece and nephew, Grayson and Rhiannon. They were at the wedding for nearly eight hours and they did such a great job through all the photo sessions, the ceremony, dinner and dancing. They were excellent!
I'm sure I will have more photos posted in the next few days ...

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Anonymous said...

How fun looking back all those years ago--thanks for sharing the photo.