Tuesday, July 05, 2011

I Remember ... A Tuscan Hill Town

Our next optional excursion for this area was a guided tour of the nearby walled Tuscan hill town of San Gimignano (sahn jee-meen-YAH-noh). Take a fun virtual tour of this village using the link provided.

San Gimignano has fourteen medieval towers still standing and back in the 13th century more than seventy family towers were the norm for the Tuscany area. In the 14th century, San Gimignano's good times turned bad with their population dwindling from 13,000 to 4,000 due to a six-month plague in 1348. Because of this San Gimignano came under Florence's control and was forced to tear down many of their towers. Florence diverted the trade route away from this town and it never recovered.

Walking through the city is like being transported back 700 years to the Middle Ages.

We climbed up steep stairs for breathtaking views of the area.

We waited in a long line for our last gelato in Italy and enjoyed it while sitting in the Piazza della Cisterna. Thunderheads were gathering and even though it missed us, the power/lights went out in the stores. We purchased a few souvenirs before leaving.
Even though this is a "tourist-trap" I loved the medieval feel and the view. The Tuscan hill town area is beautiful and worth seeing.
We returned back to our hotel in Florence for a buffet dinner. The dining room was overly crowded again. Our tour group was pretty tired. I think the long days were starting to catch up with us.

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m-jay said...

Hello,i think its a realy nice idea to be able to show your trip in such a beautiful place :) i wish one day i could travel to! keep posting that way we can travel to even if its only by sight :)