Thursday, February 09, 2006

Knit ... Knit ... Knit ...

I saw this scarf on display at Craft Warehouse and bought the supplies to knit one. The yarn was on sale at a great price so I couldn't resist. I was a little hesitant to add the beading but my coworker is a beading expert and she gave me great advice and instruction in adding this finishing touch ... my first attempt at beading!
I figure this scarf was crafted at a great price. The beads/supplies cost double what I invested in the yarn. I figure now I will need to purchase something to wear with it ... then I'll need to have someplace fancy to wear it ... maybe dinner out?!? This craft project has turned into quite a financial "investment"!! I need to keep in mind that it was all about the "experience" not the cost. :)

25 Months Behind ...

Well, Saturday I was determined to do a little scrapbooking. It's especially hard to feel creative when you don't feel well but I decided to limit myself to two pages. That pretty much wore me out.
I'm working on the 2004 unpredicted snowstorm that welcomed us to the new year. This is our first page that includes Rachael. She came up to celebrate New Years Eve with Tim and got snowed in up here. It gave us a chance to get better acquainted ... it was a fun day of playing games, walking in the snow and visiting. Good memories!
I tried something new that I found in the "Creative Sketches" magazine ... I made a border of Tim and Rachael's names using the barcode font and placed it across the top of the page. I think it's a fun idea!
I also had to use a little creativity ... when I trimmed my paper I turned it the wrong way so that it was too wide / too short for my album. I had to trim it after it was completed (arggghhh!) and mount it on black cardstock. Actually it looked better with a black border ... makes the layout really standout. Guess it has been too long since I last scrapbooked ... I need to brush up on some of my skills.
I'm going to keep at it and little by little I will move toward 2005. BUT when I get to when Colin was born ... that album could take years to complete! We have so many photos of him :)