Saturday, January 16, 2010

Wii Enjoyed Celebrating ...

Last night we celebrated Liz and Paula's birthdays with an old-fashioned Germer-Peterson get together BUT with a "high tech" twist ... a Wii game night. Steve and Mindy brought over the Beatles:Rock Band and boy, did we rock out! What fun ... but a good dose of reality ... I am NOT musically inclined! hahaha --but many of you already knew that!

It was fun to celebrate a birthday with my friend of five DECADES ... happy birthday, Paula. May we still be enjoying crazy times together for several decades ahead! And ... Happy 30th birthday, Liz. You rock on drums : )
Thanks, Petersons for inviting us to share in your fun evening!

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Anonymous said...

This takes me back to the show you kids put on in Paula's basement in the 60s.