Saturday, May 30, 2009

Wii Are Getting Fit!

I just returned from taking the Highly Qualified I/A test and I believe I passed : ) Still waiting for my writing to be graded but I know I passed Applied Mathematics and Reading for Information (even with pneumonia!). Whew ... what a relief to have that behind me! Thank you, to all of you who were praying for me. The only disappointment in taking the test today was having to cancel our "wedding dress" photo shoot with Kim. It would have been a perfect morning. Oh well, we'll soon reschedule and I may be healthier by then too.
Now on with life ... to finally be able to scrapbook, read and blog ... everything I set aside in preparation for the test. Now back to where I left off ... there's much to catch up on.
The guys made Mother's Day so special. They cooked an amazing meal and it was fun to just be together. The kids totally shocked me with a gift of a WiiFit. We had fun trying it out and I was so happy to hear that in my "fit age" I am seven years younger. Whoohooo : ) Me!!! -->The couch potato! Who would have thought?!?!?
I started out strong ... getting up before 5:30 each day ... improving my scores etc. and then ... I was diagnosed with pneumonia. I am anxious to get back at it but maybe not so early in the day.
The guys made our Mother's Day so memorable. Love those guys : )
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meg said...

so glad to hear you passed your test! I knew you could do it!!! Hope you are feeling better soon and can enjoy your wii again :)

Anonymous said...

yeah, yeah, I knew you would pass your test. What a relief! Hope you feel better soon. MM