Saturday, April 01, 2006

Wise "Traveling Companions" On the Journey

I am thankful for those wise “traveling companions” who share my journey … for those who set the pace, those who encourage, mentor, lead, listen and love. There are those with whom I share time with on a regular basis … at church, Bible study or work. I have been blessed with wise friends / family where most of our “travels” are by phone or email due to distance or scheduling. Many times months can pass and when we get together it only feels like mere days have passed by since we last talked. I’m thankful for those who have “walked” before me and can give me insight and advice on what can be ahead on the journey. It would be very hard to travel alone … Proverbs 13:20 says, “Whoever walks with the wise will become wise …”
A few weeks ago I had an opportunity to spend a weekend at the beach with some great “traveling companions.” We spent time sharing our journeys … our crafts/hobbies – knitting/scrapbooking … great food -- our favorite foods and recipes … great walks on a sunny, warm beach … good conversations … times of laughter. It was a much needed weekend to slow down and enjoy a time of refreshment.

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