Saturday, April 01, 2006

Spring Vacation

Spring Vacation is coming to a close … and like most vacations my “to-do” list far exceeded the hours/days available. But I do feel a sense of accomplishment … with the help of my mom I filled a flowerbed with colorful plants that we picked out at Al’s Garden Center ... I spent some time in the kitchen cooking and testing new recipes ... I completed several scrapbooking pages ... I spent a day at the Children’s Museum with Colin and Michelle … shopping on NW 23rd and visiting with Rachael at the card shop ... traveled to Seattle to help Matte move back … and shopping at Ikea & Joann’s.
I flipped the calendar page to April today and realized it's time to get back to the daily routine. I'm so thankful for spring break and the time I had to spend with family and friends.
June is not that far away! : )


Adele said...

Dear Colin's Grandma. I found your blog because we share an interest in the Mitford series. I am originally from Oregon--Oregon City. My family still live there, but I am in Tennessee now. I too, am in school. I teach music. I love the pictures and the writings of your day to day life in Oregon. I still miss it, though I do visit often.
Thanks for sharing.

Tim Germer said...

Where was this picture taken? Children's Museum? Very cute :)

Anonymous said...

I hope the plants are still alive :) Thanks for the fun time. Mom