Saturday, June 05, 2010

Here We Go Again ...

In the "Waiting Room"
... a repeat end of the school year ... the District is recommending RIF'ing the Media Assts. once again. We are now waiting to see if the Board approves ... as we did last year, we are making adjustments in life.
Here's what I'll be aligning my life with ... I always find encouragement in the Psalms ...

"She is not afraid of receiving bad news;
her faith is strong and she trusts in the Lord.
She is not worried or afraid ..."
Psalm 112:7
I did change the he's to she's : )

I'll keep you posted as decisions are made. Would appreciate your prayers!
Thanks ...


Becky said...

Great Scripture to hang onto. I sure don't like it that every year they think they can cut support staff that is so critical to the operation of the school. Praying you have a job next year.

Becky said...
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