Thursday, August 17, 2006

Up in the Attic

Ahhhhh ... the subject of the attic again ... I haven't been up there in over a decade. That has been Walt's domain : ) I was on a mission to find an old headboard from my childhood but I guess we didn't save EVERYTHING as I have always assumed. BUT I did find several things I've been yearning to find. I have always teased that the attic is filled to the brim but actually I was a little surprised to see that that was not the case.
Despite sweltering temperatures I ventured up there "yellowizing" (organizing) everything. We took a truckload to the landfill, donations to Goodwill and filled our recycling bin to overflowing. We still have some boxes in the garage to move up there but that will have to wait until the cooler Fall temperatures.
Our attic has always been a bit of a joke ... but really, I feel much better about it. It feels good to de-clutter : ) I am so thankful for my summer break and tackling big projects.

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