Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Wallowa Weather Station

Back in the 80's Janet made this weather station for Walt ... yes, he really has been interested in weather that long. Each year we hang it up in camp to keep track of the campsite temperatures. She also made several cards to change to reflect the day's weather forecast. This year we only used the sunshine card ... many years we have had to display the one for rain or lightning. Thanks, Janet for sharing your creativity! Throughout our Wallowa years so many campers have enjoyed and relied on this fun weather station.
This year Mary brought a clock and hung it on a tree in their site ... hhhmmmm ... next year we may have to add one to our "hi-tech" camping gear : )

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janet jackson said...

Karen, I feel slightly famous now. You're welcome. I only regret not getting my own 2 eyes on the weather station this year. A comfort to see it's familiar face on your blog!! jj