Monday, August 21, 2006

Stash Tea Store

Well, it's back to work this week so I'm trying to do as many things on my "summer to-do list" as I can before Wednesday. One stop I've been wanting to make for months ... to visit the Stash Tea Store. I needed to pick up a gift so I stopped by while running errands. I was so impressed with the friendly service and variety of items to choose from in the store. They provide tasting samples, free tea bags and a build-a-basket area to put the finishing touches on gifts. They also provide group parties for 5 or more ... to build a basket, a "Tea 101" tea tasting class or an after hours build-a-basket party. I think this would be a fun idea before the holidays ... a "field trip" with friends for unique Christmas gifts for tea-loving friends and family! Never too early to start thinking about that ... there are only 125 shopping days until Christmas : )

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