Saturday, October 20, 2007

Bonus Beach Day

In September Mom and I spent the weekend at Lincoln City. We packed for rain and cooler temperatures but we were pleasantly surprised to find the weather improving the closer we got to the coast. It was one of those bonus September days at the beach ... blue skies and plenty of sunshine.
The weekend was filled with many firsts for me --
watching boats make their way from the sea to the Depoe Bay harbor, known as "shooting the hole."

I was thankful to be on land and not on one of the boats tossing around in the surf ... you could get seasick just being a spectator.

We spent the afternoon on the beach at Roads End where we discovered new beach activities --
watching the parasurfers was amazing and very entertaining Just as we were leaving to check into our motel an entire wedding party and guests walked down on the beach. What a gorgeous backdrop for a wedding plus a bonus of wonderful weather.

As we sat on our deck after dinner, we were blessed to see this splendid sunset ...

I think we need to do this more often : )

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Anonymous said...

I think so, too. Great time, great company. Mom :-)