Thursday, July 16, 2009

Another Wallowa Tradition...

Seems like I have dried bananas for Wallowa since the 80's so yesterday was the perfect day to reduce 15 bananas into a tasty treat in a ziploc bag. They are great for hikes and take the edge off the sweet tooth while also providing a healthy snack ... great for the grandkids. I am not a big banana fan ... it's a texture thing : ( so this is one way I can enjoy a banana.
I do have to share a great hint: I found a kitchen gadget down at the outlet mall that evenly slices a whole banana in a one-step process. I think it was on clearance for about $2. What a great time-saving tool. It now only takes seconds to peel, slice and fill the trays.
I love my food dehydrator and can't believe it still works nearly three decades later. What a great investment.

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