Sunday, April 11, 2010

April Kickoff

So far this month ... excitement and surprise has been plentiful for our family. Brian and Michelle sold their house and bought this wonderful home. What an answer to prayer and the plan has been orchestrated better than we ever could have ever imagined. It was amazing to see how God provided every step of the way! What a blessing to have all that extra square footage. It will truly be a wonderful family home for them.
This week we also took the plunge and committed to a "Tour of Italy" in June to celebrate our 35th anniversary ... just a hair before it's our 36th! This has been a dream vacation on my "Bucket List" for years. After reading Beach Music by Pat Conroy my heart's desire has been set on visiting Italy. We wanted to do this last year but I was RIF'd in April and, since we are cautious people, we put our dream vacation "on hold" until we could see a change in the economy. The additional hours provided by the position I was eventually recalled to, provided the financial incentive to book the tour.
We are thankful for friends and neighbors who have traveled there before us and have given us great insight and suggestions. Please leave comments if you want to share info. with us. We'd love to hear your ideas!
I can't believe we are actually going!

Ciao ...

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