Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Taste of Italy

Yesterday was quite a day ...
At 9:30 a.m. I had an interview in a neighboring school district. When I accepted the appointment time I knew I had a long standing date to host a luncheon for the RIF'd Media Assistants on the day we would have been scheduled to return to work. What a great group to spend the day with!
Planning the luncheon was actually a great distraction for feeling anxious about the interview. As I prepared the food ... set the table ... cleaned house, it was a great opportunity to go over potential interview questions and keep my mind busy.
What a fun day it was to spend time with gals I have worked with over the past nine years. Even though we were in different buildings we were always in contact through email, meetings etc. They were all a great support when you needed help with a book request, a Polaris question, inventory ... just a great group of friends.
In the coming year we will all be going in different directions. One gal has already been hired by another district ... congrats to Janet! Whatever changes are ahead ... I believe we will all stay friends.
P.S. I tried several new recipes and I thought the food was rather tasty! It brought my senses right back to Italy : )

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Anonymous said...

Looks so pretty and fun! You make a great hostess! : )