Thursday, November 11, 2010

Keep Calm ...

There are so many blogs sharing prints they've designed with the "Keep Calm" theme. I downloaded one, sent it off to Costco, framed it and hung it in our newly "refreshed" master bathroom. It's the perfect spot for a great reminder on how to start my day! How nice to have something on that big empty space above the towel rack : )
I did a little research and I found the history behind this quote from Wikipedia:
Keep Calm and Carry On was a poster produced by the British government in 1939 during the beginning of World War II, intended to raise the morale of the British public under the threat of impending invasion. It was little known and never used. The poster was rediscovered in 2000 and has been re-issued by a number of private sector companies, and used as the decorative theme for a range of other products.
P.S. If you're wondering ... we STILL haven't finished our bedroom yet. However, we are getting closer!


Anonymous said...

Love it!

meg said...

I love that saying!!! It would be perfect in our office/music room. So cute.