Thursday, August 16, 2012

And It's a Wrap

Our weekend was dedicated to getting the wood flooring installed since the refrigerator delivery was scheduled for Wednesday.
Pierre arrived bright and early Saturday morning and got us started on "Flooring 101." He stayed over eleven hours helping us with the hardest parts of the job. He is an amazing project manager!
Brian, Michelle and the kids stopped by to drop off the tiling saw and probably never expected to be flooring sorters, measuring and carrying wood pieces around the kitchen ... for many hours. We were so grateful for their help and it saved us countless hours and trips to the "stacks" to find just the right piece.
Installing flooring was a new learning experience for us but now we feel pretty good about it. We still have the landing and a L O N G hallway to finish but I'm confident we will get it done as quickly as possible.
We are so very thankful for this huge push in the construction schedule. We are getting so much closer ...

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