Thursday, September 01, 2005


Labor Day Weekend 1977
September 1st … 28 years ago …. the day was much like today. It was a warm and sunny day. Walt and I were walking through Lloyd Center after leaving my OB-GYN office after a late afternoon appointment. Dr. Neilson decided that the next morning I would be induced at Emanuel Hospital due to symptoms of Toxemia. My due date was still two weeks away but my blood pressure was high and I was retaining a lot of water.
While we were both a little stunned with the news we went about the business of getting things in order for the big day. We had banking to do, checking our packing list for all those labor essentials, making sure the nursery was well stocked. We even took one last “sideways” picture of my rounded stomach!
As we left that Friday morning I remember thinking how our lives would never be the same when we returned home with our newborn in a few days. As any parent will tell you, our lives have never been the same since that day … sharing in your life has been an incredible journey, Brian. We are so thankful God blessed us with you in our lives.
Happy 28th Birthday, Brian!!


Anonymous said...

I am so happy to have been there to share that special day with you. Alice & I, "The Mother's-in-law," were something to remember! You would have thought that we were the only first time grandparents in the world. Walter wanted to show us to the nearest exit but I'm glad he didn't.

Matt said...

Hope you guys had fun at Winema!