Saturday, October 22, 2005


I have several knitting projects going on right now .... one a baby blanket and a scarf (not necessarily for anyone in particular) ... just for fun. I am trying bamboo circular knitting needles for the first time. They are awesome and I will have a hard time going back to plastic or metal needles. With Michael's and Joann's coupons it will make it more affordable to buy these. The advantages of using these include: uniform knitting gauge and a beautiful finish, gives smoother touch and smoother yarn feed. If you're a knitter, give these a try.

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Anonymous said...

I discovered bamboo needles when my daughter-in-law Sara and I were in Sisters. I agree, they are so nice! I have 'stick' ones and they are so smooth they spoil you for anything else. By the way, do you teach knitting by any chance? Sara really wants to get some lessons and I am not sure where to direct her. I am very much a beginner myself. Any suggestions, if you don't? :) I am enjoying reading your postings and LOVE your title. JP2