Monday, December 19, 2005

NaCl + H20 + Flour = Lasting Memories

This year we needed a "Christmas Decor" update that complemented our new furniture and wall color. I spent some time looking through catalogs, newspaper ads and various stores for a more sophisticated, uncluttered look. I am very pleased with the new look and simplicity. But ...
I have one priceless set that will always have a place in our home ... our Dough People Nativity. It didn't cost much ... some flour, water and wire brush rollers but it will always remind me of the fun and friendship that went into creating them.
In 1982 Nancy & I were both in our first trimester of our third pregnancies. With four preschool boys between us we spent a day in my kitchen molding and shaping each piece of our sets. It took a lot of creativity and problem-solving skills to get the set just right. Nancy developed a drinking straw-hinge for the camels legs and the palm tree had to be shaped over a foil base. Our "wooly" sheep looked like they had rolled in Cheerios and the kings were decked out in royal garb and jewels. The finishing touch was the "googley" eyes. I not only remember a lot of laughter that day but just the fun and fellowship of doing something together. And there was a bonus ... we actually sold a few sets which gave us some added Christmas funds in those lean years.
If you're ever cleaning out an old attic or see those old wire brush rollers at an estate sale, let me know. It would be fun to create another set for "old time sake."


Anonymous said...

I love the set that you made for me. It is the first thing I put out on display right after Thanksgiving and the last thing I put away. I think that it is one of the nicest things I have ever gotten for Christmas and I will always treasure it. I had forgotten it was made in 1982--time goes by too fast. Mom

Tim Germer said...

I love those things! Their shapes and "googley" eyes were years before Pixar and Disney ;)