Saturday, January 07, 2006

Starting Off 2006 -- Sick : (

Not how I planned starting off my new year …. sick in bed for 3 days … and with my least favorite kind of illness : ( It isn’t exactly how I like to take off those holiday pounds! Yet during it all …. I felt blessed. My family checked in on me, my Ladies Bible study group was praying for me, Walt did a great job of keeping me and the house in order …
AND I had a crockpot of Kim’s turkey soup. The medical field should put a patent on this as a cure for colds/flu. I make soup but it tastes nothing like this! I feel so much better. Thank you, Kim for your kindness and thoughtfulness. I feel like a different person this evening : )
My other cure was spending a few hours with Colin (and Brian & Michelle too) this evening. How could anyone not feel better with such a cute little guy! What good medicine!

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Loree said...

Karen, it was so good to see you up and around this morning! Maybe that was it for 2006!!

Looking forward to Tuesday!