Friday, June 16, 2006

Wedding Bells Are Ringing ...

Wedding bells have been ringing in June. This month we had the pleasure to share in Eric and Whitney's wedding. What a beautiful ceremony ... and a good looking Best Man. Great job, Matte!
Matt met Eric in elementary school and over the years he just became a part of the family ... like a fourth son. He fit in so well with the boys and brought a lot of laughter to our home. Whitney became a part of his life the summer before his senior year and as Sean mentioned in the ceremony, she just brings light and joy to those around her. What a great "team"!
Tomorrow we will be celebrating two weddings ... kids we spent time with as youth coaches in church youth group. Suddenly I'm starting to feel a little old :)
Congrats to these friends and newlyweds. Wishing you much happiness.

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