Wednesday, June 28, 2006

102 degrees outside …. much fun inside

Monday a group of co-workers, brown-bag lunches in hand and escaping the heat, met at Nancy’s air-conditioned house to learn a new craft … beading. This was a whole new world to me. Have you ever shopped at a bead store??? It was very overwhelming to me … so many choices!
I picked out my beads a few days before and Nancy, being the expert, helped me fashion them into wonderful additions to my earring collection. I am so pleased with the results. Hoping we can get together again … not only to make jewelry … but also to spend some time together. After eating lunch as a group for nearly 10 months it’s kind of lonely not seeing them once in awhile during the summer break.

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Anonymous said...

So cute!!! I bet you had a great time. I love your red, white and blue combo :) I will be watching your ears :)