Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Power of Dyson

We finally made an investment in a new vacuum cleaner last weekend. We went over to Bed, Bath and Beyond with our 20% coupon in hand and tried out a couple of models. We were sold on the Dyson Absolute DC17 Animal. One shopper in the store stopped by to tell us she got one for Christmas and absolutely loves it. Since Walt does most of the vacuuming at our house, I let him make the final decision.
We came home and gave it a test-drive … what a difference it has made in our carpet. It’s like every fiber is standing at attention : ) It has amazing suction.
Not only will we have cleaner carpets but this model has been approved for allergy sufferers as well. Here’s to technology for a cleaner home environment!

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Anonymous said...

Good choice!!! You will sleep better once Walt gives the bedroom a thorough cleaning and rids the place of all the dust mites, and I hope it makes a big difference with your allergies. From one Dyson owner to another---good cleaning. Mom.