Monday, February 26, 2007

Top Twenty

I've been sick for several days and I've spent a lot of time reading. I've been looking through my bookcase and it brought back memories of my favorite books and authors over the last decade or two.
As soon as I started learning to use Excel, I've kept a spreadsheet of books I've read each year. As more tools became available, I've switched to a free program for MAC users, "Books" and I started using Library Thing this fall. Years ago my goal was to read 50 books per year and I found, as time passed, I would have a hard time recalling what the book was about when reviewing past lists. The solution: write a summary!

So here's my top twenty ... in alpha order:

Beach Music by Conroy, Pat
Between Friends by Macomber, Debbie
Bleachers by Grisham, John
Blue Nowhere by Deaver, Jeffery
Crossings by Steele, Danielle
Evening Class by Binchy, Maeve
Harmony series by Gulley, Phillip
Hawaii by Michener, James
Leota’s Garden by Rivers, Francine
Lonesome Dove by McMurtry, Larry
Maiden’s Grave by Deaver, Jeffery
Mitford series by Karon, Jan
Nights of Rain and Stars by Binchy, Maeve
Savannah Series by Price, Eugenia
Scarlet Thread by Rivers, Francine
Sunflower, The by Evans, Richard Paul
Testament, The by Grisham, John
Three Weeks with My Brother by Sparks, Nicholas & Micah
Thursdays at Eight by Macomber, Debbie
Toxin by Cook, Robin

And here's a list of my favorite top 20 authors:

Alborn, Mitch
Binchy, Maeve
Clark, Mary Higgins
Cook, Robin
Deaver, Jeffrey
Evans, Richard Paul
Grisham, John
Gulley, Phillip
Jance, J.A.
Jenkins, Jerry
Karon, Jan
Kingsbury, Karen
Macomber, Debbie
Margolin, Phillip
Patterson, James
Plain, Belva
Rivers, Francine
Sparks, Nicholas
Spencer, Lavyrle
VanLiere, Donna

Please feel free to share your favorite books/authors. I'm always looking for something new to read.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for listing the authors, as that will help me a lot when I visit WiliNet.