Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I'm "Cable-ing"

My co-worker, Pam helped me get started on a new knitting adventure ... the cable stitch. I've always shied away from it as it looked too complicated and more for the intermediate knitter. But Pam shared a scarf pattern she has been working on and after buying all the necessary supplies ... I'm "cable-ing." So far I've knit 5 inches and I haven't ripped it out/completely started over yet : ) During the past few years I've earned the title: "queen of un-knitting"!!!
If you are interested in this pattern, check out the following link:
Without my knitting-mentor, Pam I would still be mass-producing pillows and kitchen dishcloths.
Thanks, Pam for expanding my knitting horizons!

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Anonymous said...

You'll soon be ready for Argyle socks!!! That is a real challenge, believe me. After you've mastered cable, you'll be able to do a sweater---know you can do it.