Thursday, March 22, 2007

Scrapbooking Idea

I created an 8x8 album for a friends' Sunriver home as a "welcome-to-your-new-home" gift.
I wanted to create a map of their new neighborhood and had an idea. I went to Yahoo! Maps and found a map of Sunriver Resort. I copied and pasted this into Word on tan cardstock. I then positioned and typed in a title (Dream) using WordArt and also a quote about dreams. I ran it through the printer a second time. After adding a few embellishments I had a great title page for this album. This was the first time I'd tried this technique and discovered a great way to create a personal page by using only paper products and printer ink.
This idea may come in handy when you get into a creative slump or simply don't have time to get to the scrapbooking store for inspiration/supplies.

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