Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Why We Vacation Here ...

It's always so hard to say "goodbye" ... especially when you've experienced such a great week. Despite several "setbacks" ... colds, fever, pinkeye, keys locked in the car/locksmith, lost and then found cellphone, back/chest pains --> emergency room visit, thunderstorm ... all will one day become great campfire stories that pass down from generation-to-generation.
This year included much joy and laughter ... plus ... an engagement (Jeremiah & Melissa) -- which is not a Wallowa first for our group. Steve and Mindy in 2000 -- and Doug is engaged to marry a local girl (he met last summer while at Wallowa) in October. Wallowa is such a big part of our family and our relationships with friends ... roots of tradition run deep.
That's why I must share this exceptional photo taken by Chris early one morning.

This will definitely be one of those campfire stories shared for generations ... it kind of captured the theme of our week: JOY and LAUGHTER.

P.S. Yes, that's a bikini top on the "rack." : ) Maybe there's a beach towel to match on another clothesline?!?!?!

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